What does the Reggio Emilia Approach mean to us?

What does the Reggio Emilia Approach mean for Shrewsbury Prepatoria? Let’s look at what our values are first.

The Five Core Values of Shrewsbury Prepatoria.

  • Respect

For children, the family and each other

  • Quality

To aim for the highest quality in all that we have, do and provide

  • Uniqueness

Recognise the uniqueness of each child and value the influence of each

  • Environment

To create a beautiful, inspiring and provoking environment every day

  • Professional Workforce

To support, encourage and develop a highly skilled, well qualified team

Since we first opened the doors of Shrewsbury Prepatoria our intention has been to take a comprehensive view of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Shrewsbury Prepatoria takes a theoretical perspective in the education and care of children from birth to five years. In the UK, a formal education is important and we understand the crucial role we have to play in this. Children’s brains are most susceptible to learning from birth to five years and it is our intention to maximise this potential.  We have, therefore, created a synergetic and unique approach of our own, a ‘Prepatoria Education’

We do this by taking the Principles of The Reggio Emilia Approach and embedding each principle, as fully as possible, in all areas of our work with children and families. We have combined these principles together with our Five Core Values and understanding and commitment to education to create an environment in which each child is loved and respected. A place where all staff are well qualified, where children have access to a full time teacher every day. Where the curriculum for children is designed and delivered at the optimum point of learning each day. But one in which is child’s emotional and individual needs come first and their perspectives are valued.


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