We take great care, time and effort to make food and dining a polite, healthy and social experience.

Children dine together, family style, helping themselves to the delicious and nutritious food and snacks lovingly prepared by our kitchen and Deli team.

Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home so here the kitchen is the heart of the Prepatoria. This is where all our food for the main meal of the day is prepared and where our Deli Dining experience happens!​

Nursery children enjoy a delicious nutritious and well-balanced two-course meal in the middle of the day.

School children can opt for the main two-course lunch or choose foods from the Deli counter. The Deli at the Prepatoria offers a range of handmade breads, soups, sandwiches, hot baked potatoes, cakes, pies, and lots more. Foods available change every day and it’s not just the children that can choose the Deli foods, we offer a complete take away service for families and our team!

Five Star Food Hygiene Rating

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