The definitive guide to choosing a nursery

Deciding to use a nursery or return to work is probably one of the hardest decisions a parent will ever make. You will want to make sure that the nursery you choose really does have your child’s best interest at heart.


How can you really know what the right place is? Of course you can go on your ‘gut instinct’ or a recommendation of friends or family. What might really help is to have an expert in the industry on hand to guide you through the process.

With 35 years’ experience in child care and early years’ education, Jane Smalley has published what is probably the most comprehensive guide to nursery care ever written.  In Jane’s clear and concise style, the book provides a step by step account of what a high quality setting should look like.

For Parents:

This ‘must-have’ guide will be invaluable to parents looking to choose nursery care for their child/ children or help them evaluate care already chosen. Jane’s book is the ‘expert in your pocket’ for choosing a nursery.  It tells you what to look for, what questions to ask and provides a handy checklist to help you throughout the process.  There’s also some really helpful chapters on other types of child care and providing educational fun play at home.

For nursery-owners:

This book provides nursery owner with the tools and resources to assess current practice and make any changes necessary to raise the quality of care and education delivered in your setting.  There’s an abundance of self-assessment tables which not only guide you through the assessment process, but also support the continuous professional development (CPD) of your staff.

With this book to guide you, you can’t fail to make the right decision for your child either as a parent or nursery setting.

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