A unique educational environment for children under seven years of age

Our vision is to create a unique educational environment where all children are respected as individuals, with life experiences and relationships that have influenced their development, rights, opinions and the quality of life to date.

Children learn best when they feel safe, loved, cared for and are interested. Our commitment to children is to seek those adults who respect the enormous privilege it is to work with small children. People who are passionate in their desire to make a positive and valuable contribution to the life and learning of children. Those who have the required skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to children and therefore society.

The founding principles of the Prepatoria are love, respect and quality. These are underpinned by our five core values. All team members understand, support and role model the principles in their work with our children and families.

Our five core values:


All team members must demonstrate respect for children, parents and each other.


We aim to provide the highest quality experience, environment and relationships for children, parents and team members.


We strive to maintain and develop our unique qualities as an on-going process.

Educational achievement

We aim to foster in each and every child, a love of learning, an enquiring mind and a desire to discover.

Professional workforce

We aim to develop a highly professional workforce through in-house and on-going professional development, high quality training, motivation and the pursuit of excellence.

An innovative approach

Children need the adults who teach them to be inspiring. They need adults who are excited and motivated and creative; whose delight it is to create provoking environments that challenge and teach.

They need adults who understand that teaching and learning is a beautiful symbiotic dance in which the child is an equal participant and not a spectator on their own life.

Children need adults who understand the enormous privilege it is to be part of the child’s world and adventure in learning.

But most of all, children need adults who love them and understand them and who want to be an incredible part of the privilege it is to influence the future generation.


This is my dream of the future for every child.

–  Jane Smalley, Principal

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