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Is Your Child Gifted and Talented?

How do you know if your child is especially clever, bright, gifted or talented in someway? Perhaps you watch other children playing and measure your child against them? But does that help? Afterall we are told not to compare children? If your child is particularly...

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How to choose a nursery.

Choosing to leave your child with another person will be one of the hardest decisions any parent can make. Finding the right type of care is just as difficult. There are so many things you should consider when choosing the type of care you want and this decision is...

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Welcome to our new children

Welcome to the four new families who have joined us in the last two weeks! We are so looking forward to learning more about your child and you. We have had a wonderfully busy time lately with lots of tours as families take time to visit us. It has been lovely to work...

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Creative fun

We understand that the true meaning of creativity, is ‘to create an original form’. We do not expect children to conform, copy or reproduce our ideas of ‘Art’ Instead we prefer to provide an inspiring environment with provoking resources. This week I purchased lots of...

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Our brains are hurting!

This week during Circle Time [Teacher-led sessions] we have been focussing on Phonics. We use the fantastic ‘Jolly Phonics’ program to introduce our children to the 42 sounds of the English language. Children quickly learn to make and recognise the sounds which are...

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New bookings

What a busy time it has been for us this past two weeks alone! With seven Tours and new families joining us every week, it’s been an exciting time! Interested families are welcome to book a tour or pop along any day Monday to Friday between 8am to 4pm. We are also...

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Settling a child in

Hi I thought I would share a little background information about why we at Shrewsbury Prepatoria have created a tailored approach to the Settling In Policy. In everything we do we consider a theoretical perspective, which is balanced carefully against our experience...

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Schematic Play

Schematic play refers to the behaviours typically demonstrated by small children as they play. These behaviours can be recognised as 'repeatable patterns of behaviour' How You Recognise a Schema. Small children may have a preferred way in which they like to play. They...

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