Settling a child in


I thought I would share a little background information about why we at Shrewsbury Prepatoria have created a tailored approach to the Settling In Policy. In everything we do we consider a theoretical perspective, which is balanced carefully against our experience of families and includes an indepth knowledge of the child.

Our starting point is based on the work of John Bowlby and attachment theories. Today we understand that children can only learn and develop fully when they feel safe, loved and are nurtured. Therefore the relationship a child has with the care giver is paramount. The relationship is based on trust and we can really only trust people we know well. Consider if you will how long it takes you before you can learn that a friend or partner is trustworthy…kind..loving..nurturing? Close relationships take time. They cannot and must not be hurried. Adults may be able to take a short cut in getting to know a person, with a rich experience of the world and excellent communication skills trust or faith in an other person may be achieved quite quickly. But your baby or small child does not have these vital skills just yet. The loving and patient care giver must prove themselves to be reliable, loving and kind in each encounter, the process takes place over time and at a pace to suit parents, child and the care giver.

If you want to know more about our Settling in Policy please e-mail me or call to chat.


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