Creative fun

We understand that the true meaning of creativity, is ‘to create an original form’. We do not expect children to conform, copy or reproduce our ideas of ‘Art’ Instead we prefer to provide an inspiring environment with provoking resources.

This week I purchased lots of lovely spring flowers. I created a beautiful centrepiece for the Art Area and provided lots of colours and painting brushes of different sizes. At Circle Time we talked about the seasons of the year and in particular how we can tell which season it is by the flowers and plants that grow. Later children accessed the Art area freely. They used the paints and paper to produce wonderful pictures of their own choosing. None of the children chose to represent the flowers in any way at all, they painted lines and circles?

At Circle Time we had also talked about the lines and circles that are needed to represent the sounds [letters of the alphabet] The children used the materials I provided to represent what they were interested in and that is what really matters!

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