Gentle Parenting? What is it and who is it for?

I was recently asked for my opinion on this parenting technique and thought it would be useful to share some of my views with you. When I first came across the technique I wondered if  ‘Gentle Parenting’ was something that could be used by all adults who care for children or is it just for parents? I began to look closely at the simple steps to becoming? achieving? Gentle Parenting.

As a Licensed Parent Coach I have explored many of the same concepts of Gentle Parenting with families from varied backgrounds and beliefs who struggle to meet the demands of family life. The background we come from, the parenting style that our parents used, our culture, faith and religion all impact upon the way we parent our children today. Add to that the influence of friends and family and we begin to see how very difficult it can be to find a style that is right for us and for our child.

In the last hundred years we have made wonderful progress in the way we care for our young, but we still have so far to go. Childhood has changed enormously, as has parenting. The Victorian era of ‘ children should be seen and not heard’ is a thing of the past, thank goodness!     But today many children grow up as the only child in a nuclear family and will spend significant time being cared for by people who are not their family.  I believe we must continue to challenge the way we see childhood and parenting. When the way in which we parent is so crucial to us and to the long term emotional health of the child, then surely we must seek like minded people to care for our children? I believe, that as a society, we should challenge the way in which everyone who comes into contact with our child cares for them too.

I’m delighted that at Shrewsbury Prepatoria the techniques required to be a Gentle Parent is nothing new. I have built the very foundations of what we do on the same principles and have been sharing these principles with parents and practitioners for many years.

Next Time. Comparing what we do to Gentle Parenting.

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