Welcome to our new children

Welcome to the four new families who have joined us in the last two weeks! We are so looking forward to learning more about your child and you.

We have had a wonderfully busy time lately with lots of tours as families take time to visit us. It has been lovely to work with new families to help children to settle in. One of the ways we settle children in is to offer a Stay and Play session to each prospective family. Stay and Play sessions allow children to play with the other children, toys and resources but near to a trusted adult or carer.

At Shrewsbury Prepatoria we believe it is crucial that there are opportunities for your child to ‘get the feel’ of a place before you commit to it. In the past you may have chosen a nursery,childminder, friend or family member to care for your child for a short time whilst you are away. And although you really like the person or the place you were sending your child to for some reason your child was not happy or settled.

At Shrewsbury Prepatoria we understand that this can happen – children are very sensitive and need time to trust the adults who will care for them. They need to feel that the place you have chosen is right for them too. If you have any doubts about a setting or about your child being happy you should trust your instincts, chat to other parents and of course chat to those who are caring for your child. The long term emotional health of every child is important.

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