The National Curriculum? No thank you!

Do we really have a choice when it comes to the sort of education on offer to children?

I believe that the stark reality is that there really is no choice for parents. Whether you opt for a local authority (maintained) school or an Independent (private) school the curriculum on offer is the same, the National Curriculum.

What’s is the National Curriculum and what’s wrong with it?

The National Curriculum is just that. It is a curriculum, designed by government, to be delivered in a unified and prescriptive way to children right across the United Kingdom. No matter where you live or the type of school you attend the education you receive is the National Curriculum. In theory the idea makes sense but in reality, it’s quite different.

The National Curriculum doesn’t allow for the individuality of the child, it doesn’t consider cultural perspectives and there is no focus on the holistic development of the child! It’s prescriptive with a rigid assessment process which includes the testing of prescribed skill sets for children as young as 7 years of age.

Equally important and disappointing is the fact that the role of the teacher, as an expert, has been diminished, overlooked and downgraded. The National Curriculum tells the teacher what to teach, how to teach it and when to teach it. Even when the teacher knows that his or her class isn’t ready to move on to the new topic, well that’s just hard luck!

So, why is there nothing else? The answer is simple, to write a new curriculum for children and teachers is an enormous task and to write one that truly reflects the spiritual, cultural and personal needs of children is challenging and has not been done.

Until now!

With a rich experience of working with and teaching young children we have developed a wonderful new curriculum which we’ll deliver over 48 weeks of the year. The Prepatoria Curriculum has an overarching principal of supporting and developing the spiritual, personal, social and cultural awareness of every child.

This curriculum is exciting, provocative and challenging, allowing children to engage in numerous integrated topics and learning opportunities. This curriculum allows the teacher time to engage fully with his or her class, to get to know them, their learning styles and their cultural perspectives so that they can tailor the delivery of subjects to fully engage each child.

How exciting!!

The Prepatoria School and Curriculum is the first real choice for parents!

To find out more request a copy our school brochure or give me a call.

Jane Smalley – Principal.

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