School holidays – a pointless Victorian relic?

Children don’t learn in compact periods of time, in school, out of school or at home, children learn all the time.

So why on earth do we still insist on following this antiquated system of terms and half term breaks? The academic year is broken into terms of between 5 to 8 weeks with a long summer break of about 6 weeks. Maintained schools deliver the curriculum over the year with 13 weeks holiday whilst the Independent sector opts for holidays of up to 16 weeks per year!

But this really isn’t about children and how they learn, and it most certainly isn’t about families either! No, the long holidays hark back to the Victorian era when children were needed to work the land and help at home after the school day. So why hasn’t this changed? Perhaps there are many reasons for this but whatever the reasons, it doesn’t really matter, what really matters is making the change now. And that is exactly what The Prepatoria School intends to do. To quote Tony Blair, “we should reconsider the basic principles of the way we organize public services and “try to measure them not against the ‘givens’ but against the contemporary reality, the potential and possibility opened up by change”.

We’re certainly not alone in thinking that it’s time to change, but we may be alone in being the first to take action and make the change! Take a look at this article from the Telegraph

Our new school, open to children for Reception and Year One, will deliver a full and exciting curriculum for 48 weeks of the year. Why are we doing this? Well for one, we understand that children learn all day and all year long, so why not maximise that by having them engage in exciting, challenging, interesting and provoking experiences no matter what time of year it is?

We know too that many children come from working families so for parents the stress of entertaining children in the long holidays is incredibly real. Of course, there are families who can afford to book and pay for Summer camp or Holiday club. But are these facilities really providing a great education and learning experience for every child, or is it just babysitting?

For those families who can afford to take a much-needed family break then there are the exorbitant costs of taking a holiday during the school shut downs. So, what if could take your child out of school, at any time without penalty thus making the most of cheaper flights and accommodation? Well, at The Prepatoria School you can – read more here!

Our fees, considerably lower than any other Independent School in the area, cover the cost of education for 48 weeks of the year and include music and foreign language lessons. Take a look at our incredible program by requesting a copy of our School brochure or to find out more, please give me a call or use the Pre-registration form to reserve your place.

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