Teachers are NOT Mary Poppins!

I’m sure this won’t come as any surprise to you to know that, unlike Mary Poppins, teachers don’t have a bag of tricks, magic words or Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious songs of persuasion.

So why, I ask, is it that they are expected to teach groups of up to 30 young children with very little help or support?

Indeed, just this week a Reception class teacher informed me that her teaching assistant is leaving her and not being replaced, leaving her with just one assistant, 30 five-year olds’! Come on! How can this super, exciting, creative and enthusiastic teacher do her job with both hands tied behind her back?

Teaching is an amazing calling, not for the faint hearted either. It’s called teaching for a reason. The role is to teach the next generation all the knowledge, skills and attitudes they will need to thrive and become active participants in their own lives and in the world. What an incredible responsibility and privilege!

Yet year on year teachers in mainstream education are expected to teach large classes of mixed ability children with very little help at all.

The time for change is now, parents demand more for their children.

At the Prepatoria we strive, constantly, to provide the very best education, curriculum, class size and outcomes for children. Our recent track record in Pre-school, where over 90% of children are already exceeding expectations (some remarkably are even achieving early learning goals a year ahead of the norm) is testament to our principles and methods which will continue in our new School for Reception and Year 1 children.

Starting this September children at the  Prepatoria School will flourish in an intimately small class size of around 12 children where we will be extending our ethos and putting our beliefs into practice.

If you would love your child to experience and benefit from a unique and inspiring education package delivered by dedicated and passionate teachers get in touch with us now because some of our September 2018 spaces have already been taken, and others will go swiftly as the word spreads.

If you want a better education that is specially tailored to meet your child’s needs, then choose The Prepatoria School now. Request a brochure and pre-register your place here.

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