Choosing a nursery – Tip #2 Outdoor spaces

#2 of 10 top tips on what to look for when choosing a nursery for your child.

If this is the first time you have ever thought about using a nursery it is absolutely crucial that you know what to look for and why these things are important.  This series of tips are excerpts from the book The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Nursery, by our principal and founder, Jane Smalley.

Top tip number 2.  The Garden or Play Area

This is an important area. If you are considering using a nursery on a full-time basis then this will be the main outside play experience your child has.

The play area should be large enough to cater for the numbers of children who attend the nursery on a daily basis. However, each room, or group, may need to take turns using the outside space. Incredibly, it has only recently been understood that it is absolutely paramount that all children access the outdoors several times each day whatever the weather.

What to look for:

Areas with green landscaping such as bushes, trees and grass. Look for areas where children can experience digging, planting and growing. Look for opportunities for children to be able to play quietly without being mown down by wheeled toys.

Look for den-making areas and opportunities for children to paint, draw and colour on a large scale. Look for spaces where children can use large construction materials such as crates, planks, pipes and logs.

Check that the outdoor space is fitted with good, high fencing to protect the property from vandalism and lockable safe storage where everything is neatly stored.

The area should appear swept and cleaned with toys and resources looking clean and well-cared for.

Look for nursery rooms with doors that lead immediately to the outdoor play space.

Look out for our Choosing a Nursery Tip Number 3 coming soon!

We really hope you have found Jane’s top tips for choosing a nursery useful. Want to know more? Come and meet us and tour the Prepatoria, contact Jane directly to arrange. Alternatively, Jane’s book is available to purchase here.

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