Preparing your child for Nursery.

At Shrewsbury Prepatoria we really want each and every child to feel happy, safe and securely attached from when the moment they are first left in our care. In order for this to happen the all adults involved in the process will need to commit to a great deal of time and effort to making this happen before the child joins us.

Of course the Settling in process is tailored to the need of each child and family but there are some general helpful things a parent and family can do to aid the process.  The most important thing to do is to talk to us, tell us what’s important and what will help your child to feel happy, safe and comforted. Here are a few things to consider prior to leaving your child for the first time;

SLEEP ROUTINES. If your child is going to attend the Prepatoria for a full day and is under three years of age it is very likely that they will need to sleep at some point during the day. Does your child sleep with you? Do they need an adult to rock them to sleep or nurse them throughout? If so how do you envisage this happening?

Suggestion. You may want to start to prepare your child to sleep in a cot or in a bed alone. You may need to think about your child being able to fall asleep naturally and easily without the company of an adult. Putting them into the bed or cots when they are drowsy or sleepy will help this process.

BREASTFEEDING. If you are breastfeeding your baby and intend to carry one when you are at work how will your child receive the nutrition they need? Will they have a bottle or cup? Will this be cows milk or formula?

Suggestion. Whatever you decide this needs to be established well before the time the child starts at the Prepatoria.


SETTLING IN. Have you considered how long this might take? Children can take anything from a few visits to several weeks to settle. Ensure that you leave enough time to before returning to work to allow this process to take place.


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