Are the summer holidays causing you stress?

Struggling to cope with the long summer holidays? Counting the days until the children go back! Well we’ve got just the answer!

Whether you’re a working parent or not, the long summer holidays can be nothing short of a nightmare!

My guess is that you’re either trying to find interesting things to entertain the children without blowing the family budget or else you’re trying to organise family and friends to look after the children without your poor offspring feeling unwanted! Let’s remember too, we’re not just talking the long summer holidays here. States schools are closed for about 13 weeks each year whilst the Independent sector may take as much as 16 weeks holiday every year!

For many working parents the school holidays present a very real struggle. The decisions parents make are not only about who’s going to look after the children but include questions about their careers. According to parents with school age children are under such pressure to find the work life balance that they, “stall their careers, refuse new jobs or turn down promotion.” We know that 41% of working families are prepared to take a less stressful job role, with a pay cut, to meet the needs of their children.

There is, quite rightly, pressure on employers to offer family friendly hours and flexible working. However, these measures seek a solution from one angle only. The real problem here is the amount of time children are not in education.

This antiquated educational system of three terms and long summer breaks is just not necessary. What’s more it’s detrimental to family life and parents’ career choices.

If you’re looking for a real change then look no further.

The Prepatoria School is challenging the status quo! Our school is open for 48 weeks of the year. Over-priced summer holidays are a thing of the past! The decision about when to take a holiday and for how long now rests firmly, where it should, with the family. This innovative approach to the delivery of the curriculum means that topics can be taught at a slower pace and in a more meaningful way. Our curriculum is no, ‘race to the goals’ but rather a celebration of the process of childhood.

But don’t take my word for it, come and find out more and meet the team responsible for this brave and daring attempt to change the face of education!

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