Twinkling Stars – Our 2017 Nativity #2

blog-nativity-fun has begunNativity Rehearsals 2  – 20th November 2017

The children have now been allocated specific parts for the Nativity play, lines have been given and suggestions for the sort of thing a shepherd/king/angel might wear have all be noted. Today’s rehearsals have gone quite well, all things considered. There were three renditions of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ sung so loudly that the chef in the kitchen, two rooms away, clapped.

We then had the children with speaking parts line up in the front of the class to go over their lines. They were doing so well until we got to one of our Angels. I suggested that as she approach Mary and Joseph she might like to hold her wings out wide and say, “Do not be afraid!” She looked at me and bringing me right down to size told me, “I haven’t got my wings on yet, but I’ll just hold my arms out for you!” What is it they say about working with children?

More to follow so keep a look out..

Nativity Rehearsals 1 (14th November) here – if you missed it!

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