Learning to read is exciting.

Learning to read need not be a daunting task for either child or parent. With 90% of our current pre-school children already reading I can assure you this been a fun and exciting time for all children.

Children love spending time in one to one activities with a kind and knowledgeable adult, inviting them to share in fun phonic games is just one way of starting the learning journey. Of course, teaching reading is a complex task and with just a few hints and tips.we adults can do so much to support children to become successful readers. Like all skills, supporting reading needs to be taught, parents don’t simply ‘know’ how to do it. This Saturday, 27th March, I will deliver an Understanding Phonics and Supporting Reading session to our parents. Children need the support of their parents in all areas of development and in particular when learning to read. When an adult shows interest and praise for skills and behaviours these are much more likely to be repeated by the child. Here are some lovely pictures of pre-school children enjoying first reading books and phonic activities. Children spend time in very small groups or on a one to one basis with me every day. In this way we can be certain children have all the individual help and support they need to make great progress.





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