Learning to read.

I have now been teaching children to read for a very long time and I never cease to feel thrilled when the first sounds and word is blended and read. It is quite a wonderful moment, in the long journey and process of learning to read and write, when children begin to read. At the Prepatoria our aim is to ensure that children are literate and numerate, excited and ready to learn when they enter the Reception year at school.  We teach reading by engaging children in a fun and interactive phonics program. Our full time teacher and classroom assistant spend time with each child individually to support mathematics and literacy. Our formal approach ensures that children make great progress. Of course children learn through play but this ‘play’ must be supported by knowledgeable adults, skilled in teaching young children. Learning must be planned and play opportunities must be meaningful and appropriate to the age range. Much of my role, as teacher and leader of the Prepatoria, involves talking to parents and helping them to help their child to read. The process of learning to read is tricky and as adults we need as much help as possible so that we can help our children. The adults role is to support and partner the child, to give them confidence and to give them the great phonic tool kit they need to become successful readers.For more information and to see the work we are doing please call or email to book a visit.

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