Parent Coaching Sessions

As a licensed parent coach I find it enormously rewarding to share the highs and lows of parenting with the families of the Prepatoria. The coaching sessions support us to communicate better with each other, to listen more, to ask questions  to clarify meaning and to empathise with others, not just our children. The skills we learn through coaching are transferable, with many of the skills supporting and enhancing close relationships between family members and partners. Over the last two weeks the group have been discussing how to really listen to each other, how to listen to our children and how to encourage open conversations between family members. There are many ways in which we can encourage children to share feelings and thoughts with us, at the Prepatoria we do this through dialogic book reading techniques. Week two we talked about how children view the world, how the relationships they have impact upon their perspectives and how brain development sometimes prevents them from making logical connections. This week we look at power contests between siblings and challenging behaviours. I feel enormously privileged to share these sessions with the families of the Prepatoria, after all I am first and foremost a parent too.

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