Gifted and Talented

A routine part of the role of the practitioner is to assess children’s learning and development against the Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes. In some settings this is seen as a laborious task as the practitioner searches through statements looking for markers against which the progress of each key child is measured. However for us this is an exciting opportunity as we are able to identify each of the new skills learnt or skills which are being refined over time. Like all settings we use the traffic light system to mark our observations and assessments of children. We use red it identify skills which are beginning to emerge, orange for the skills we expect to see a child presenting at this age of development and we use green to identify the skills and abilities a child has that exceed the age of development. Our children are consistently demonstrating skills which exceed expectations in literacy and maths as well as personal, emotional and social skills. It is this latest round of assessments that confirms our status as successful educators. Shrewsbury Prepatoria specialises in preparing children for school. If you are an aspirational parent who wants to ensure that their child has the very best head start then come and see us. Don’t be shy about wanting the best education for your child, demand only the best and get the best from us.

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