Children of three years are beginning to read.

Occasionally when showing a parent around the Prepatoria they will tell me, I’m not really worried about the education side of things, he/she will get all that at school. I just want them to be happy. And of course a parent that is all we want for our children. We want them to be happy first and foremost so the approach we take at the Prepatoria is to focus our attention on helping each child to settling in, to build warm and nurturing relationships with adults and other children. Children will only learn when they feel happy, safe, valued and secure. Once this base of security and love is in place we are then able to focus on the individual learning needs of each child.

We understand that at birth the brain is largely unformed, the potential for learning is enormous, we don’t want to waste a moment of that time. Are we educating babies, you bet we are! Do we have children of three years of age reading, yes we do and we are proud of the way in which that learning has occurred.

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